Dear Runner Demo

Dear Runner is an exploration in parallax meets React meets data visualization. This app is used to track upcoming races as well as past races to see the progression over time. UN/Password on Request

Zombie Bachelorette

The creation of a zombie bachelorette invitation is no small feat but it sure is a fun one! With a couple of little tricks and treats to be found, this project was one of true passion and tinkerings.

ReThink Job Search

A ReThink prototype focused on redesigning an improvable process. This is my take on job searches by combining qualities of several popular job search engines and allowing for quick comparisons.

Very Lucero

This is newest redesign of my personal site. Its pretty much the glue that holds everything together.

Interactive Resume

This is my interactive resume that I developed in rather a unique way. It's more of a journey. It's pretty cool, just saying.

The Curious Quirk Blog

This is my Wordpress blog so I can remember/share certain little issues I've come across or new techniques I like to use. I customized the theme to fit my needs.

Taaffe Forestry

Taaffe Forestry is a small service forestry consulting business. While collaborating with the client, I developed the design, code and implementation.

Very Lucero: Version 1.0

This is a previous design of my personal site.